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Holiday On Ice

Holiday on Ice® is the undisputed worldwide market leader in ice entertainment and the world’s largest touring live-entertainment production: visiting more than 110 cities in 20 countries each year. It produces timeless shows that are accessible to people of all ages. These shows always include the elements of highly skilled skating, artistic and progressive choreography, passionate music, stunning costumes and spectacular special effects.

Diamonds is a bold expression of skating and storytelling, intertwining some the world’s most renowned figure skaters with acrobats and ice skaters from over 25 countries. The show is doused in amazing special effects and is set to a backdrop of hits from artists such as Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd, Robert Palmer and Shakira. Even some fireworks are included in the set for the finale.
The Diamonds show is a testament to the past, the present and the future of Holiday on Ice, with over 50 skaters telling fairy tales and stories whilst spinning, twisting and speeding their way around the ice. It toured around Europe for 4 years collecting great reviews and shocking audiences.