High School Musical: El Desafío Poster

High School Musical: El Desafío

Music for Disney’s Argentinean and Mexican version of the worldwide known saga “High School Musical”

A new school year begins at the High School, and the students return from the summer vacations. Fer, the captain of the school rugby team, the Jaguars, discovers that Agus, his neighbor and classmate, has changed a lot over the summer. Delfi, however, continues being vain and wastes her time dominating her poor brother, Walter, and her associates Alicia, Clara and Valeria, or, as she prefers to call them, “The Invisibles”.

The principal of the school and Ms. D’Arts, the art teacher, invite the students to take part in the school’s first battle of the bands, where the kids will have a chance to be showcased as true music stars.