Glint Poster


GLINT is an American electronic rock project founded in 2003 by Hudson River Valley native Jase Blankfort (24). After dropping out of high school and parting from a past career on the big screen and Broadway, Blankfort spent the better half of his life as the creator and frontman for GLINT. Functioning as producer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Blankfort is solely responsible for GLINT’s direction & the only constant member. Dave Gottlieb thinks he is “the next Trent Reznor.”

GLINT’s music spans a wide range of genres. The touring band features a selective lineup that rearranges songs to fit an anthemic live setting, often incorporating a visual element, including video projections created by Blankfort and various artists.

In 2004, Blankfort and manager Adam Jordan created Rely Records, self- releasing Blankfort’s music while continuously playing the college circuit. Years later in New York, and after joining forces with industry veteran Harvey Leeds, Blankfort would continue to self-produce what became GLINT, perfecting tracks with Grammy award winning engineer Michael Brauer and more recently, multi- platinum producer Steve Osborne.

In anticipation of the upcoming record and evolution of the critically acclaimed live show, GLINT is seeking to break new global ground and work with the best.