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El Último Mago o Bilembambudín

BILEMBAMBUDIN is the story of Aldana, an eight year old girl. Running away from the opera, Aldana follows Jeremías, an old wizard who guides her to the magic kingdom.

BILEMBAMBUDIN is a marvellous land full of sourprises and magic, where ghosts work at laundry shops, cats can talk, giants hatch eggs and violinists fly as they play music. But not everything seems to be happily-ever-after in Bilembambudin: King Tasilo has gone crazy, and due to his madness Nature all over the kingdom is suffering from his whims and extravagances.

As if a puzzle it was all about, Aldana will have get pieces of the story all together and resolve them in order to find a solution. She will be helped by diverse and bizarre characters along her adventure: a very talky mouse, a friendly dragon and even Mother Nature´s offspring. They will all take an important part in Aldana´s mission.

Will Bilembambudin be saved?